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 Joel Warady
Joel Warady
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Enjoy Life Foods
 David Levine
David Levine
Vice President of Informatics
University Healthcare Consortium
 Christine Hung
Christine Hung
Executive Director, Data Science & Engineering
The New York Times

Accelerating the journey from data to customer experience insights for bottom-line business performance improvements

Every business from big box retailers to insurance companies to movie studios is looking to analytics for strategic solutions. It’s a fact, customer intelligence improves customer engagement and marketing performance. The issue is… skill demand outweighs supply.

Does this mean you give up? In the game of business, that’s never an option. Today, customer-focused businesses are outpacing the marketplace and smart businesses everywhere are up-skilling not only their career analysts but also empowering business line managers to use customer intelligence to guide decisions.

If this sounds like something you’re looking to do….this event is for you. Introducing Customer Intelligence in Action….

At last, an event that takes the guess work out of achieving your business outcomes…

Customer lifetime value ● Customer experience optimization ● Customer loyalty ● Customer acquisition ● Customer retention

…by linking insights with a financially accountable view of your customer.

DISCOVER…customer experience insights

an untapped wealth of knowledge about what your customers really want

ACT…to improve short and long-term bottom line

Improve operational performance lean in to what customers want and eliminating waste

Spark new moments of truth through marketing performance enhancements

What separates this event from all others?

  • It has the end-goal in mind – with a laser-focus on business outcomes
  • It unites the right mix of business leaders, customer strategists and analytics professionals under one roof to share their stories of success
  • The content always links insights to financial results
  • The content is skills-based, so you can go back to the office with the wherewithal to take action

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